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Essentially Inspired is a community, a philosophy and a way of life! It's my little piece of internet real estate dedicated to my love of nourishing food (primarily of the vegan variety), natural health, essential oils and generally feeling amazing! I want energy, vitality, better sleep, mood management and so much more to be readily available to everyone! 

I am a busy working mother to two adorable (yet challenging) children. I understand all too well the pressures of daily life and the stress that this can put on our mind, body and soul. This website is about my journey to an Essentially Inspired Life (a life of joy, passion, purpose and above ALL, balance!) and hopefully yours too. Now be warned - this is not your typical "hippy dippy" natural health website. Yes I love natural health and I totally, without a doubt think we have way more control over how we feel and the kind of life that we lead day to day than we think - however I do also have a dry sense of humour and a no nonsense attitude that will  shine through from time to time. I am also a natural sceptic which can certainly keep things interesting!

I wasn't born with this attitude towards health and wellness (you can read more of my story here), it has been something that has evolved over time and is ever changing!

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Essential Oils have totally transformed the lives of me and my family. I cannot begin to describe the relief that I feel having something safe, natural and powerfully effective on hand when someone in my family is not feeling well. Keeping our little people happy and healthy is our main priority as parents and these beautiful gifts of nature make this oh so much easier! I really didn’t expect to fall in love with these oils the way I have. I began using them to help me manage my anxious feelings and support my sleep – I have since discovered that they are not only great for that, but for so much more. I now use about 20 different oils every single day – they truly are amazing! Click the button below to learn more about these amazing gifts of nature and how they can changes lives!



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