Hello, and welcome to Essentially Inspired. I am Rhiannon Teague, and I am a health coach! This website is my little piece of internet real estate!  It's where I share my passion for natural health, essential oils, vegan eating (don't worry I know not everyone is vegan), yoga, meditation and positive thinking! Although be warned, I do tend to have a wry spin and a dry humour!

My mission is to help people rediscover just how amazing life can be! I believe that we have so much more power over how we feel than we realise and it usually begins with how we choose to look after ourselves. The choices we make day to day in terms of how we fuel and nourish our bodies and even our mindset when it comes to love and self-care can have a massive influence on how we feel. I want to show people that feeling drained, fatigued and depleted is NOT the status quo and that increased energy, vitality, better sleep and emotional wellness IS within our grasp – we just need to reach for it!

My journey to health and wellness has been a long one. I was not always a picture of health or the perfect role model for a healthy life – far from it! Before Dave (my awesome hubby) came into my world, I survived on coffee for breakfast, Red Bull for lunch and wine for dinner. Food came in packets and the more convenient the better!

When I met Dave, it was genuinely a case of ‘opposites attract’! He ate clean (or what that used to mean a decade ago - you know steamed broccoli and chicken breast, no dairy and no gluten etc. no taste either by the way), he hardly ever drank alcohol and he went to the gym TWICE a day. EVERY DAY. And no one was forcing him to!

Anyway - despite all his obvious flaws (ha-ha, see what I did there?) we fell in love. I would love to be able to tell you that I immediately learned from his amazing example and changed my ways. Sadly, I cannot. I had to learn the hard way.

Throughout my life I have experienced multiple health issues (some autoimmune related, others anxiety related) - I won't go into them here (I mean we only just met) but no doubt they'll come up throughout our time together.

I used to wake up feeling completely drained of energy, experiencing aches and pains, battling continuously with my weight, experiencing overwhelming bouts of anxiety and generally feeling miserable. I was desperate to feel better – I really believe that I would have tried anything (and I probably near on did). Thankfully I found a way through my struggles and found my way back to wellness. The truth is that it was much simpler than I thought it would be. It turns out that no amount of ‘miracle cures’ or quick-fix programs were going to help – the answer was much simpler. I needed to reduce my toxic load, eat cleaner and take the stress off my body. Once I did that all the pieces fell into place.

As I have managed to turn my health and wellness around it is now my passion to teach and inspire others to live healthfully so they can enjoy fuller, happier lives.

I have come a long way from the girl I described at the top of the page and I am still evolving. I have recently made the leap from vegetarian to vegan and I am learning to cook in new and exciting ways (one of my absolute favourite things to do in life). I am obsessed with essential oils, natural health solutions and trying to reduce my toxic load. I am also all about trying to find some calm and quiet (in my mind). I am a working mum with 2 kiddies (Max who is 8 and Chloe who is 2) - they are adorable and challenging.

My guilty pleasures include watching The Real Housewives of.... (Everywhere- seriously. Every. Single. One.), Pinot Grigio (although now it usually accompanies food rather than encompassing the entire meal) and curling up with a good book.

I am pleased to meet you ;-) I look forward to sharing my journey with you here and of course on social media. Feel free to chat, comment and get involved!

Health & Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Beauty Therapist